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You could call us lazy, 
but memorizing lines is not our thing. 
We'll just make those up on the spot based on your suggestions.

On our Facebook page you can find out all about our upcoming shows. 

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Our own slightly brilliant improv format. (we say so ourselves) 
A mix between short improv games and longer continuous stories. 


An image says more than a thousand words. 
And even that is not enough.

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We are Salamie Improv, an improvisation troup from the city of Ghent in Belgium. 
Originated from about 15 improvisers who, after taking several workshops, had an ever-growing hunger for improvisation. 
Our own space, an experienced trainer, 2 years of training ... and we were ready to conquer the world, the country, the city, the street. 
To put our own stamp on the improv landscape, we decided not only to bring short form improv games. 
For this, Kevin Planckaert, our improv-guru, created his own improv format, the Milano ©. 
The Milano © is a smooth mix between short improv games and longer improvisation scenes, minimizing the role of the MC. 
All this makes for a witty and compelling one hour show. 
We currently have our regular show at the Muzikantenhuis in Ghent, and several times a year at Theater Box Ghent. 
But you can also see us frequently in other locations. 
Keep an eye on our facebook page. 



Do you want to book Salamie Improv for a show, workshop or animation at your event? 
Or other questions ... 
Let us know. 

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